voices of hope from the synod for the new evangelization

In this week’s catholic dialogue column in the Prairie Messenger, I try to give a shout out to some of the many hopeful voices heard in the recent Synod for the New Evangelization. I was getting frustrated with the negativity towards the Synod that was showing up on some discussion boards. Some thought the whole thing was a waste of time. Others find negativity in anything said or done by bishops.

But, there was a lot of wisdom being shared from around the world;  voices who ‘got it’ when it comes to the new evangelization.

These are just a few of the voices from the synod, but they give us hope. They speak of a new evangelization grounded in the more optimistic Vatican II understanding of relationships within the church, and between the church and the world. Evangelization needs the open windows of freshly blowing Spirit, and the much-needed breezes just might be coming.

Here is the article,

Voices from the Synod worth listening to

2 thoughts on “voices of hope from the synod for the new evangelization

  1. Amen! Again I say Amen! The new evangelization is the responsibility of all the baptized. The entire people of God have a role to play. Our Faith must no longer be confined to church on Sunday or at best the privacy of our own homes. We have something that should be shared and we do that best by the example of our lives. We have found great hope in Christ and is that not something you should want to share with others? Let us take our faith to the streets, in our workplaces, at play, everywhere we go. I pray that in this year of faith our pastors would, through their homlies and parish programs, seek to equip all the baptized with the confidence and wisdom to engage in the new evangelization. God is counting on us to do our part too. Great article Isabella!

    1. Thanks, Dan! And…..Amen! Again I say Amen!…for your wonderful comments. I really do think that we are at a turning point in our church history. If we are serious about the new evangelization, we all have to share in the responsibility. Want a church with more lay involvement, folks? Now’s the time!!!

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