take a hallelujah break!

Here’s a wee article I wrote for the NCR Today Blog. From Handel’s Messiah to Leonard Cohen to a young Canadian woman’s inspiring interpretation, Hallelujah is a word and song that continues to resound in our minds and hearts.

(Wayne and Brittany…this one’s for you!)

2 thoughts on “take a hallelujah break!

  1. Isabella: I first became fully aware of this song when it was sung at the opening ceremony of the winter olympics in Canada. Such a beautiful melody but I really couldn’t understand the words. When I did see the words I was disappointed. I have heard the Christian words before but this is great for the Christmas season. Thank you for bringing this to us! Kathy

  2. You’re welcome, Kathy! Connecting the dots between Handel’s Messiah, the Leonard Cohen book and Kelley Mooney’s version was an unexpected surprise while I was writing this short piece. I love those serendipitous moments! I’ve always liked the rawness of Cohen’s Hallelujah…and still do. Kelley’s version is inspirational on a different level. She did an amazing job…and what a voice! It makes me think of St. Augustine’s line about those who sing, pray twice. 🙂

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