amidst struggles, confusion and despair, I believe


Here is another column I wrote for the Prairie Messenger. It’s another reflection on my recent visit to Rome and St. Peter’s Basilica.

Amidst struggles, confusion and despair, I believe

5 thoughts on “amidst struggles, confusion and despair, I believe

  1. This was a powerful blog posting, Isabella! I am with you in the “I believe!”

    Thank you for reminding us all that the Church is greater than the pettiness or painfulness we sometimes experience within her walls. The human side of the Church can act–well, like humans everywhere! But our faith helps us understand that GOD is always present for us and he loves us as we are–no matter what!

    That is why I believe!

  2. I believe in GOD, Jesus, and also that history is a predictor of human activity. Having a grandmother who was a devout Catholic and who studied to be a nun, but who found the Truth and turned from man-made powerful empires to Jesus, I also believe that by the actions and fruits of men, we know who is speaking truth. GOD is. GOD and GOD alone is in His Word.

    The Pope:

    Child Abuse (and the Vatican):

    Old World Order:

    Inquisition Law in the U.S.A.:

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