open wide our church doors this Christmas!


Christmas is a time of opening doors and opening hearts. For our church communities, it’s an opportunity to heartily welcome family and friends – whether Magi who traveled from afar, or the ordinary shepherds on our doorstep. My latest Prairie Messenger article is a reflection on this golden opportunity to live the call for a new evangelization; Welcome, one and all, to the Christmas table of the Lord

For all who have been kind enough to visit these pages this past year, from near and afar,  THANK YOU! May you and your loved ones have a blessed and joy-filled Christmas…and may the blessings and joys overflow throughout the new year.



4 thoughts on “open wide our church doors this Christmas!

  1. And we welcome them back to????? Jesus died for many? The chalice, the chalice, the chalice (3 times in a row at the consecration)? And with your spirit? to the leadership of bishops like the one in Madison Wisconsin? To garbled, tangled language in the mass? To diocesan spiritual growth programs eliminated because the sex abuse settlements have emptied the coffers? To the continued denial of expansion of the priesthood to married and women? To dwindling congregations?To a people whose spirit and life continues to be sucked out of them by narrow thinking, good old boys? They will be able to get a good seat in church I suppose

    Sorry to be so cynical and negative. I find it difficult to embrace the theme of welcome to the table when so many are not welcome. Increasingly the shelves of the nourishing church are becoming emptier. What will those who do come back find?

    1. No need to apologize for cynicism and negativity, Anthony. I share your feelings. What are we welcoming folks back home to? This is the big question we must face. Re-embracing the fullness of our Catholic faith and tradition has to be more than warming up the pews. The powers that be also have to honestly face the reasons that many folks have left, or are leaving, otherwise it’s just a band aid solution. I keep coming back to the image of new wine and old wine skins….

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