in the midst of darkness…come, Lord Jesus


I have five children
they were all six years old once
so many years ago
then seven…

I have a grand-child
so new to the world
and another wee babe
awaiting birth

I have friends who are school principals
school psychologists
teacher’s assistants

the horror digs deep
forcing mind to imagine
the unimaginable

horror and grief
threaten to crush
heralds of joy

to silence
season’s greetings

in the midst of darkness
Come, Lord Jesus…

amidst struggles, confusion and despair, I believe


Here is another column I wrote for the Prairie Messenger. It’s another reflection on my recent visit to Rome and St. Peter’s Basilica.

Amidst struggles, confusion and despair, I believe

take a hallelujah break!

Here’s a wee article I wrote for the NCR Today Blog. From Handel’s Messiah to Leonard Cohen to a young Canadian woman’s inspiring interpretation, Hallelujah is a word and song that continues to resound in our minds and hearts.

(Wayne and Brittany…this one’s for you!)