a new year of resolutions

No, this isn't me. It's the Microsoft clip art lady. Who looks this good when they're sick?
No, this isn’t me. It’s the Microsoft clip art lady. Who looks this good when they’re sick?

The New Year has begun, and resolutions are already mocking me in the rear view mirror.

Hubby and I had a marvelous Christmas holiday. Family time was relished; having all five children together is no longer taken for granted. The rarity of the moment adds to the value. The time together was short, but oh, so good.

The remainder of the week, we balanced visiting time with moments of glorious couch potato-ing. We finally saw the much anticipated Les Miserable movie (more to come), and powered through all our Christmas gift DVDs. (No, we don’t savour them. You can’t start a season and not watch ‘just one more’ episode!)

I purposely stayed away from my computer and writing, hoping to come back refreshed and eager to begin again. My first resolution, to be more disciplined and faithful in my writing practice, was side-swiped with a wretched head-cold on the first day our office re-opened. After slogging through the back-log of work, my stuffed head was in no mood for evening writing. All I had energy for was a hot bath, my new cozy bath-robe, and a hot toddy. And, another.

The head-cold has also side-swiped my second resolution, to return to a regular yoga routine. My shoulder-hunched, leg-twisted, neck-cocked, middle-aged body was rebelling. I turned to the computer (the main source of my ailments) for incentive. My daughter told me about an online Yoga program that she has been doing. She looks wonderful. Wanting to look as lithe and healthy as she, I subscribed to it. (My New Year’s delusion?) I’m now getting daily guilt messages in my email inbox asking why I haven’t taken any ‘classes’ yet!

I admit defeat…for now. I’m hoping to kick this cold to the curb this weekend. My ‘New Year’ and it’s resolutions will begin on Monday!

2 thoughts on “a new year of resolutions

  1. I hope you are feeling better. These winter colds and respiratory bugs are no fun. Speedy recovery.

    1. Thanks so much, Anthony. Hubby and I decided to tag team the cold. Just as mine was healing, he came down with it. We made it through the work week, and are now hunkered down to ride out a nasty winter storm….a good excuse to stay home and get caught up.

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