les misérables is a winner!

les miz

Hubby and I had a blast watching the Golden Globe awards last night. Adding to the enjoyment was an ongoing text-messaging conversation with two of our daughters. The Moyer women can give Joan Rivers a run for her money in the witty comments and fun snark department.

But, the highlight of the evening was watching our beloved Les Misérables pick up awards for Best Motion Picture, Musical or Comedy, Best Actor – Hugh Jackman and Best Supporting Actress – Anne Hatheway. Despite the fact that the title kept being mispronounced as ‘Lay MiséraBLUH’, it had obviously won the hearts of many. And, so it should.

I’ve been in love with Les Misérables since my best friend gave me a cassette copy of the original London cast recording over twenty years ago. I listened to it over and over in the kitchen, stopping frequently to wipe tears with flour dusted hands. Our children grew up listening to the tunes, at home and in the car. Our twelve year old daughter played the musical score on the piano, and directed the crew in a heart-stirring yet hilarious rendition in our basement family room.

I’ve seen the stage production four times, twice in Winnipeg and twice in London. We bought the video of the 10th anniversary concert and watched it over and over. You would think that I have cried all the tears there are to cry by now….but, no.

Hubby and I saw the new movie with one of our daughters after Christmas. I didn’t cry. I sobbed! The pile of dry tissues in my left pocket depleted quickly, while my right pocket became a soggy mess. It was just that sad. And, that good.

The music in Les Miz is absolutely brilliant. It soars with heart-wrenching emotion, prayerful hope, and stirring visions of what the world could be. Anne Hatheway and Hugh Jackman take the music beyond the beauty of lyrics and tune, and inject it with a soul-baring honesty that is at times difficult to watch. Yet, they draw you in to the truth of the story in ways that mere technical perfection cannot. It is this truth that continues to envelop you, forcing you to ponder some big questions of life – questions that continue to haunt us today.

  • Do our justice systems reflect true justice? Are punishments proportional to the crimes committed?
  • How do we heal the sinful divide between rich and poor?
  • Why do women continue to disproportionately suffer from judgment and poverty when forced to raise a child alone? When will men be held accountable and forced to assume their share of responsibility for the life they bring into the world?
  • Who are we? Are we defined by what society tells us we are?
  • What is forgiveness? What is redemption? How can we call ourselves Christian if we do not believe in both?
  • Why does religious belief go so horribly wrong when it embraces a black and white view of justice?
  • When is a cause worth laying down your life for?
  • And, always…the power of love to conquer all.

The ideals of the 1832 June Rebellion in Paris reappeared in the Occupy Movements of last year. The call continues to go out to take up the banner for freedom and equality, for a world we all long to see. Sigh…pass the tissues again…

Have you seen the show? What emotions did it stir for you? I’d love to hear your reviews and reactions.

2 thoughts on “les misérables is a winner!

  1. Great blog today. I returned home about an hour ago after seeing Les Miz. Wow, it certainly beat out anything I was imaging. It was done perfectly…the makeup on all of the characters as they aged was gracefully accomplished.

    The forgiveness scenes were ones of courage and compassion…starting with the Msgr. In the very beginning. There was an undescribale beauty of soul and heart when it occurred.

    Sorry to,say, I believe injustices will remain until the end of time…because ego reins like a competitive sport.

    The communion that existed among friends was one to behold. A view of challenge that we do not like to witness in our present society.

    And, the resurrection scene at the end was a highlight for me. We are more one than we want to believe.

    Thank you, dear friend for this heartfelt sharing…may SHANTI (peace) be a fulfilled dream.


  2. And thank YOU, Chris, for a wonderful reflection….and hot of the press! I’m so glad you enjoyed the movie but, knowing you, not surprised at all. It really is a movie for all hearts who yearn for peace. 🙂

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