obedience – listening with the mind and heart


Forced assent is not true obedience. It is merely submission wrapped up in the need to enforce one’s power. True obedience is assent freely given. It requires the fusion of mind and heart to listen carefully, discern wisely and respond rightly to what is being asked of us, especially when what is being asked is difficult. 

Before this week’s shocker news of the Pope’s resignation, I was pondering the question of obedience. This article for the Prairie Messenger isn’t a theological treatise or a catechetical exploration. It’s a simple reflection from the heart of family life.

To read more…Obedience is lived truly when it is grounded in love

3 thoughts on “obedience – listening with the mind and heart

  1. One cannot freely do something, unless they are equally free NOT to do it.
    Authority seeks compliance, not freedom.

  2. This column was eloquent in exploring obedience. An insight I had was that when one TRUSTS the other enough, obedience is easy. Like Mary, who trusted God so much, she continually said “yes” to whatever he asked of her–even though she did not understand the details (the Annunciation), or when she had to cross social boundaries (Cana story) or when it caused her great suffering (standing at the foot of the cross). So I think buildling trust is important to obedience too.

    1. Hi Marceta,
      How true! I hadn’t really thought of the role of trust…but it really plays a vital role in discerning whom we give obedience to. Those who cling to old school styles of obedience often bemoan the lack of respect in those who refuse to give blind, unquestioning obedience to those in authority. Yet the accusatory fingers should also point back at those who are responsible for a lack of trust in the office entrusted to them. Sadly, it is too true in our church today….

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