blessing each other….AND the pope!


So, here’s the background story on this week’s Prairie Messenger article….

The PM sends it’s Easter issue out early, to ensure that reader’s have it in time for Easter. My friend and editor, Maureen, asked if I could write a piece for this issue. I thought of the great blessing experience we had last Easter in our parish, and decided to expand on the theme of blessing.

I gleefully recounted the story of the day that I ‘dared’ to bless Pope Benedict in St. Peter’s square, and included it in the article. Days after the article was submitted, lo and behold……there is our new pope standing on the papal balcony asking us all to give him a blessing!

My personal story lost it’s ‘wow’ factor, but the yearning and wish expressed in the article had come true. I quickly sent a P.S. to Maureen, and she happily included it.

Pope Francis, in one small gesture, has equalized and promoted the wonderful gift of blessing each other. And, God bless him for it!

Here is the article….. During Easter’s jubilant days, go ahead and bless!

2 thoughts on “blessing each other….AND the pope!

  1. Dear Isabella,
    Thank you for this beautiful reminder for us to bless all those people and things our Creator has put in our lives. It reminds me again of what I first learned of Blessings from a priest friend who wrote his Masters thesis on Blessings, in preparation for his ordination in 1971.
    I had a dear priest friend who I used visit each week when he was in an assisted living home run by the Sisters of Mercy. At the end of our visits I would always ask Fr. Jack for his blessing. As his condition became more serious, he began to ask for my blessing as well. What a wonderful gift his request was to me. He was my spiritual Father and wanted his spiritual son’s blessing. These were VERY special moments between him and me, that I treasure today.

  2. What a beautiful story, Jerry! Who cares for the care-givers? Who blesses the blessers? We all need to give…and to receive. Your experience with Fr. Jack shows the truth that in the blessing, we are blessed.

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