the macro and micro moments of life


My days are often spent juggling my mind between the macro and micro aspects of life. Hours are spent on international tasks for the leadership team I work for. Each day I read emails and newsletters from around the world. I try to keep up with current affairs and church news to keep on top of my writing commitments. Time at the dental office with hubby means re-focusing on different, more local issues but with their own set of worries and stresses.

But, the best-est days of all are when I find myself plunked down on the carpet with my grand-babies! Today was one of those days. Grammy was on baby-sitting duty and all other jobs were flung aside. It was a micro kind of day; a chance to focus on the small miracles placed before us; the grandeur of God reflected in the joyful energy and small accomplishments of little people. Who would have thought that navigating a spoon of yogurt to your mouth could bring such delight?

With the arrival of our grand-daughter and the addition of her new brother, our house is slowly accumulating the glorious colors of toys. OK, I’ve developed an addiction and use any shopping trip as an excuse to check out toy aisles and children’s book sections, “for when the kiddies come to visit”! The wonderful, old school toys in this pic were an Ikea find. I’ll be picking up the wooden train set next time. 😉

In the midst of battery powered gizmos, electronic bells and whistles and over-commercialized characters, these toys are a stand-out. Just picking up the blocks floods the mind and heart with memories.

Watching a young soul at play is priceless….but Grammy wants a turn now!

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  1. Love your post, Isabella. Enjoy these precious moments. Before you know it, they will be sharing their first lost tooth, sports, graduations, cars, boyfriends and girlfriends, college and marriage. Being in the moment for each and every experience is GIFT…you go Grammy. Love you…Chris

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