Brother Richard Joyal, SM


I wrote an article about our dear friend Brother Richard Joyal for the Prairie Messenger. It was good to write about all the fond memories that we have of him – a life filled with such joy and generosity of spirit. The above photo was taken on a visit to our home a couple of years ago. (David is on the left and Richard on the right.)

The ache is still very much there. Every time I see a photo, think or talk about him I feel a great knot in my stomach and the tears start again. The deep grief is felt by all who were blessed to know him…and he was known and loved by many around the world.

His funeral and burial will be in Québec. A memorial mass to celebrate his life will be held in Winnipeg at 11:00 am, May 25 at St. Boniface Cathedral.

Brother Richard had a true missionary’s heart. He loved the world and all her people, relishing each and every new adventure he lived within his Marianist vocation. We can only imagine the joy he must now be experiencing in that glorious communion of saints; the greatest of all adventures and a joyous party for all eternity.

Brother Richard: a man with a true missionary’s heart

6 thoughts on “Brother Richard Joyal, SM

  1. Isabella,
    Deepest sympathies to you, your family and to the Marianist community. Richard was a few years ahead of me in high school; he might even have been student council president. I remember that he stood out, not only because of his height, but because of his engagement in the life of the school and his positive and happy attitude. It surprised no one when we heard that he had joined the Marianists: he was made to serve God in community.

  2. Thanks so much Rick! It is so good to share memories of Richard. His “positive and happy attitude” is something that all speak of. It served him, and others, well in his years in India and the Philippines…and in Haiti too. If you are still in Winnipeg, please do come to the memorial mass.

  3. Beautiful tribute to Richard, Isabella. Thank you for sharing him with us. He is a true inspiration and another Marianist saint.

  4. Thanks Isabella for this. I went to Provencher school and Louis Riel with Richard Joyal, “Hoss”, as we used to call him. We played basketball on the same team and I have great memories of some of our exploits. I was saddened to hear of his passing and I will attend his funeral tomorrow in St-Anselm de Bellechasse, since I now live in Montreal.

    1. And thank you, Denis! It has been wonderful to hear from Richard’s old friends. We will be united in prayer here in Winnipeg….with Richard joining us amid that glorious communion of saints.

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