bishops get down in rio!

Lots of wonderful news has come from the recent World Youth Day in Rio de Janeiro. Pope Francis continues to make head-lines around the world with his heart-focused pastoral style. More on that soon. Meanwhile, enjoy this video of a stage-full of bishops being led in a spirited song and dance by the young people. Now, THIS is a glorious image of leaders letting loose and experiencing the fire and passion of those they serve! 🙂

4 thoughts on “bishops get down in rio!

  1. Wow, this celebration was certainly heart-warming…had me tapping my feet. Loved the bishop who got right down with the kids! A testimony to the results of new blood. And, if the question arises, WHY…the answer is WHY NOT!

  2. The video of the Bishops was wonderful. How great to see the young people leading them.
    Perhaps the first time in a long time that some have “Let their hair down” without a golf club in their hands.
    I hope their Joy continues!!!

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