is the american stale-mate beyond negotiation?

The American government shut-down continues, and the blaming game is raging. As I mentioned in my previous blog post, the Affordable Care Act is a no-brainer. Maybe it’s the Canadian in me, but I believe that access to medical care is a right not a privilege.

I also believe that it is the duty of government to give a hand-up to those who have slipped through the cracks of our economy. Socialism is not a swear word. Yes, those government programs are supported with my tax dollars but guess what? I’m cool with that. It’s the way it should be. Hubby and I work hard, but we are rewarded with a comfortable life-style. There are too many women and men who work hard – very hard- and are not able to make ends meet. There are too many children born into poor or damaged families through no fault of their own. They simply pulled the short straw in the baby lottery.

I don’t believe that anyone can make it if they just try hard enough. Sometimes life deals you too many bad hands, and the chances of winning the big one are as slim as being the next lottery millionaire. When this happens, you should not be sentenced to a life of hunger, homelessness, poor education, and no access to basic medical care. I believe that dependence can be transformed into independence when the basic rights of life are met.

I’m firm in these beliefs. For me, they are non-negotiable. So, how does one negotiate in this situation?

This blog is all about dialogue; finding the truth in between the black and white views that polarize our church and our society. Watching the stale-mate to the south of us challenges my belief that all differences can be solved through negotiation and civil dialogue. How do I dialogue when I truly believe that the other is wrong? When does a situation go beyond negotiation? When is it time to dig our heels in and stand up for what is right, and not back down?