three year blogging anniversary!

ImageWordPress just sent me a nice anniversary reminder. Today marks three years of catholic dialogue! I remember pressing that first send button, wondering if anyone would read my words. An even greater fear was that someone WILL read my words! I still press that send button with trepidation.

This blog has helped me hone my writing skills. Some days words flow with ease, and what a joy that is. Other days (often many days…ok, weeks!) I sit at the computer only to face the wretchedness of writer’s block and fear. Yes, writing is a discipline. As with any discipline it has it’s energizing moments and it’s times of “what the hell am I doing?”

This blog has opened doors to me as a writer. First came a regular column in the Prairie Messenger, then an invitation to join the NCR Today blog for the National Catholic Reporter.

A writer. To be one was a long time dream. There is still uncertainty in claiming the term! If I feel more like a writer today than I did three years ago, it’s because of all the wonderful souls who stop by this blog to read what I wrote and take the time to add to the dialogue.

Thank you to all! 🙂


4 thoughts on “three year blogging anniversary!

  1. Thanks, Isabella, for nurturing the dialogue with your wise, witty and provocative prose! Happy anniversary.

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