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Dear friends,

It is time for yet another MEA CULPA! Before Christmas, I was on a roll with reflections on Evangelii Gaudium. I so enjoyed pondering and writing on the hope-filled words of Pope Francis, and hope to return to them soon. But, life took a few unexpected turns in December. If you remember, we already had to deal with some kaka back in September. Well, hubby was back for a second eye surgery just before Christmas. Thanks to a wonderful surgeon and the prayers of many, the procedure went well. But, there was more time off to recover, office renovations to work around, and Christmas to plan for. The days after Christmas were a time for doing glorious nothing!

This month, I am busy with last minute preparations for the International Meeting of Marianist Lay Communities in Lima, Peru. The theme of the meeting is Faith of the Heart in the Heart of the World. The meeting will also mark the end of my term as President of the Marianist Lay Communities. I know I will have much to write about when I come home. 

In the meantime, please know that I have not abandoned this blog. In fact, having more time to write is something that I look forward to very much. There is so much happening in our Church at the moment. The fresh breezes of hope and change are all around us. 

So, here’s to 2014 and all the blessings to come!

4 thoughts on “updates and apologies

  1. Hello Isabella!
    Have just read your “spirit-filled” circular, Faith of the Heart.
    The prayer practice of “Our Lady of the Round Table” inspires.
    Blessings on your journey to Peru…
    Look forward to your future blogs on “Evangelii Gaudium”.

  2. Thanks so much, Alice! Whenever I get overwhelmed with the work and responsibilities of this meeting, I keep reminding myself that it is summer in Lima! It will be good to escape the prairie winter. 😉

  3. See you soon on the blog, Isabella. “Bon courage” for your preparations and the big meeting. Wish I were coming with you!

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