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My friend,  Joanne, just shared a wonderful video from Religion and Ethics NewsWeekly on PBS.  It highlights the works of Fr. Michael Doyle and the good people of Sacred Heart Church in Camden. (That’s Joanne on the left in the top picture.)  Joanne is always ready to share the good works of this amazing faith community, and I’m always honoured to give Sacred Heart a shout out.

I have heard many of Joanne’s stories. I have seen pictures from inside the church, and marvelled at the spirit of prayer and social action. This is the first time that I had a peek into the neighbourhood itself. It is also the first time I actually saw the annual service for those murdered in the community. You are right, Joanne. To see you all stand there, representing each person murdered, tears at the heart and highlights the senseless loss of so many lives.

This is gospel living at its finest. What an inspiration. May God’s blessings continue to rain down on Fr. Michael and the good people of Sacred Heart and Camden.

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  1. Thanks for this, Isabella! Fr. Michael Doyle is one of the contributors to the charitable book project that I am involved with, Homilists for the Homeless. I met him briefly a little over a year ago. Sacred Heart is a most remarkable place from everything I read and see. Camden is filled with so much challenge – yet so much hope.

    1. Yes, Fran , it is indeed a place of great hope based on the trust that,
      “All will be well.” At Sacred Heart we love the Homily book, Fr. Michael used it yesterday at Mass. Thanks for being part of it.

  2. I have been there so long I forget what’s it’s like for someone to see the neighborhood for the first time. In the last scene there is a picture of the resurrected Jesus that sits just outside the front door. Above it you will notice two holes, they are bullet holes. Two years ago tomorrow a young mother was across the street and two men came out of nowhere and shot her . Two of the bullets flew into the church. Fr. Michael refuses to have the holes fixed because he said he never wants us to forget. On Good Friday we process to the 14 places closest to the church where someone was murdered and there are now three on church property. That being said, I love it there and never feel more unsafe than anywhere else. I know most of the people in the film and they are good, hard working,struggling people who just happen to be poor and the poor just can’t get ahead. In all of South Camden, there is no barber shop, no beauty salon, no where to even buy a pair of socks and the last full size food store closed last year. That’s why it is so important what we try to do, one person at a time. Thanks to Heart of Camden besides the 250 rehabbed homes, there is now a gymnasium for kids to play in, a greenhouse to grow fresh vegetables …and I’ll bet we are one of the few parishes anywhere who employs an urban gardener ..who is Jewish to boot! There is also the theater, a children’s used clothing store, a house for conscientious objectors and coming soon an art gallery and cafe/ writers center. The last two may seem a little incongruous but they will enhance the hidden beauty that is already there. Beauty will save us. It’s an amazing place, filled with dedicated, amazing people and I feel very blessed to be there. Someday I hope you get to visit us.

    1. The video gives us a peek. Your words help to flesh out the story and the reality. Thank you SO much, Joanne! And, yes. I do hope I can come and see this living miracle one day. Blessings, peace and joy to you, Fr. Michael and all the good souls of Sacred Heart!

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