I’m back from Lima, Peru!

Some of the participants at the meeting. I’m in the front row, second to the left of the banner.


Ok, to be honest, I have been back from Lima for nearly two weeks. The 6th International Meeting of Marianist Lay Communities was a great success. The success came not only from the excellent hospitality of our Peruvian hosts, but also from the depth of reflection and sharing among delegates, guests, and observers from around the world. The theme of the meeting was “Faith of the Heart in the Heart of the World”. The process of the meeting was intentional in connecting mind and heart through much personal reflection and small group sharing. Yes, there was time devoted to business matters but the focus was on the gifts and challenges of living and sharing our faith as lay women and men in the world. 

It was evident at our meeting that the spirit of Pope Francis has caught on internationally. Here is a piece I wrote for the National Catholic Reporter blog, NCR Today.

The conclusion of the assembly also marked the conclusion of my term as international President of our Marianist Lay Communities. After all of the intense work in the weeks preceding the meeting, I was expecting to come home with all the worries and burdens magically lifted. I was not expecting the intense physical, emotional, and mental draining that happened instead. I still need to take time to enter fully into this time of transition; in thankfulness for all that has been, and with openness to what the future will hold. 

Of course, one immediate goal is to get this blog going again! 🙂

5 thoughts on “I’m back from Lima, Peru!

  1. Thank you for sharing your experiences. Transition is not always easy. Sometimes, we need to be emptied to be ready to be filled for the next step …

    1. Sometimes, we need to be emptied to be ready to be filled for the next step …wow, beautifully said Tatiana! Thank you! I’ll be taking this thought to prayer. 😉

      Isabella R. Moyer


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