when homophobia is legalized

There is a global human rights war going on that isn’t getting the press coverage it needs and deserves. There was a significant outcry at the anti-gay laws in Russia before and during the Olympic games. But, laws are also being passed that make homosexuality illegal and punishable by imprisonment in several African countries. And, these laws are being supported by some Christian leaders and their flocks including some Catholic bishops. 

In Nigeria and Uganda, some politicians and religious leaders are blaming the west for exporting its immorality into a supposedly pure African culture – as if homosexuality was non-existent before the dawning of media and the internet. Some are blaming the anti-gay laws on the Christian missionaries of old for instilling a literal, fundamentalist reading of the bible into African churches. Some are pointing the finger of blame on fundamentalist Christians from America who are taking their cultural wars overseas.

The support by any Christians for these draconian laws, or silence in the face of them, is shameful. 

We cannot point a finger of blame at the extreme homophobia in other countries until we honestly face the fear, intolerance and hatred that is present in our back-yards. Here is a column I wrote for the Prairie Messenger on the topic.