a blog face-lift


Spring is nowhere in sight, but I thought it was time to do some cleaning up of my blog. I spent yesterday afternoon experimenting with different WordPress themes, and found this one. It’s called “Syntax”. I like it’s clean look and readability factor. Click on the three horizontal lines to access a larger menu. I hope to add more pages soon.The new theme also transfers well to Tablets and smart phones.

I kept my banner picture, though, both for recognizability (branding) and just because I like it! I took the photo in Rome several years ago. I love the buildings in the older parts of the city. The streets are so narrow, you can only take a photo by pointing your camera up from the street. The open windows remind me of the lovely image that Pope John XXIII gave to us when he announced the Second Vatican Council; opening wide the windows of the church to allow the Holy Spirit to blow through. 🙂

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