a long sabbatical…..

Dear friends,

Life took many unexpected turns these past months and writing was put on the back burner. The nitty gritty reality of our often messy human existence can force us to choose priorities.

Vatican synods for the Family pale in importance to family matters closer to home and heart.

World and church affairs have little emotional draw when loved ones are hurting.

Decisions of popes and bishops have little meaning in the midst of one’s own personal discernments.

After five months of almost no writing, the desire (and need!) to write has finally returned. So, I’m back. Hopefully it will not be to merely pick up where I left off, but to begin anew.



10 thoughts on “a long sabbatical…..

  1. Welcome back. Believe it or not I was just searching for you yesterday…thinking I’ve perhaps missed a blog post or two. Prayers remain with you and your loved ones.

  2. A friend once put it simply, “Life is messy.” Three words that help us know that our struggles are the norm, not the exception. Keep smiling! This too shall pass.

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