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Several months ago, I was asked by U.S. Catholic to write an opinion piece on “cafeteria Catholics” and the need for a new style of conversation in the church. Is it OK to be a cafeteria Catholic? was published on line this week.

Writing in defense of cafeteria Catholics landed me in hot water in the past. Basically, on one side of the argument we have passionate traditionalists that equate Catholic faithfulness with unswerving belief and and obedience to each and every teaching of the Church. On the other are those of us who sincerely love our faith and love our church, but struggle with some of her teachings. So, the issue of cafeteria Catholicism becomes yet another divisive debate along the old trad-lib ideological lines.

I’m hoping that the article and attached survey will be a spring-board for dialogue…

4 thoughts on “cafeteria catholics

  1. It seems to me that most Catholics, including the dogmatic types, are cafeteria’ists at heart. Cardinal Burke, bless him, seems to be today’s poster child for this reality. So too, it would seem was Pope Benedict XVI, in writing “caritas in veritate” he is reversing scripture, it seems, at least as far as Corinthians I, ch.13 is concerned. St Paul seems pretty clear in declaring rather definitively, the reverse, that love is greater than knowledge, wisdom, power, even faith.

  2. Good to hear from you Dennis! Ah, Cardinal Burke….. I agree totally that he and others of the ultra traditionalist bent are “cafeteria’ists” in their own way. (great word, btw!)

  3. I agree with Dennis.
    I wish that we could get rid of this term, because I think that it’s simply used as a stick with which to batter others. I think that it serves no positive function.
    Thank you for writing the article.

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