pope francis shares vision of a synodal church


While the focus during the Synod on the Family has been on disagreements and documents, perhaps the real news is yet to come. Pope Francis has been clear in his vision for a synodal church, a listening church which makes room for all the People of God to be heard. Here is my latest article for the Prairie Messenger….

Pope Francis shares vision of a synodal church

2 thoughts on “pope francis shares vision of a synodal church

  1. Thanks Isabella for an insightful summary of the recent synod. Your comments on the need for a “synodal church” remind me of the call for collegiality explicitly expressed in Vatican II. The
    bishops and “synodal church” need to be more inclusive and listen/dialogue with “non-ecclesiastics”, namely the laity, women, contemporary theologians, and those “on the fringes”.
    What thinkest thou?

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