no black and white answers for black and white evil

News of the horrific attacks in Paris yesterday left me stunned. Without words.

And, yet…

If you follow world news, you know that suicide bombers and deadly attacks on innocent people happen almost daily in war torn countries in Africa and the Middle East. The headlines are so frequent that we become immune to them.

Attacks on a western country slap us out of our apathy. We want the world to see the injustice done to us. We expect others to rally around us and help us to bear the burden of our pain.  We scream for retaliation.

We quickly point fingers of blame…Our security systems failed us. Someone must be held accountable.

Worse, we feel vindicated for our ethnic, cultural and religious bigotry. See? We knew they are evil.

ISIS and other terror groups live in a black and white world. Their existence, their mandate, their actions are all based on simplistic thinking. We are the righteous ones. There is no need to discern the subtleties of peaceful co-existence. There is no need for dialogue. There is no need for seeking common ground with the other. The other does not even have a right to exist.

How do we respond?

Hawks are already demanding swift and complete retaliation. An eye for an eye…and more.

Doves are calling for peace, mercy, understanding and tolerance.

There are no black and white answers.  The dove in my mind and heart wants to believe that violence can be stopped without more violence.  I continue to hope for an answer that lies somewhere in the grey in-between; between destructive acts of war and ineffective words of peace.

Do I have an answer? No.

So…I pray for Paris.

I pray for the world.

I pray for peace.

And, I pray for wise, strong leaders who can look beyond the anger of the moment. Leaders who will not react impulsively. Leaders who will not feed the existing divisions among peoples by playing to populist mentalities of “us and them”.  Leaders who can, together, ponder and discern the right response to such horrific evil.

One thought on “no black and white answers for black and white evil

  1. “The Shadow’, the old radio sleuth had it. The intro entoned each week: “Who knows what evil lurks in the hearts of men”? He didn’t pretend to answer, he just went out each night, confronted it and overcame his particular encounter. I don’t understand either, but there is hate that is susceptible to becoming evil and there are the skilled at the formation of hate to evil.
    I often wonder, what is the difference between our young men and women who will face their own death for the values we as Canadian treasure? What is the difference from those we revere as martyrs who would endure death for their faith? Part of the answer is what they are prepared to impose on “the other”. But even that falls short when I think of the sniper and his equivalent who kills in war whether personally threatened or as “his job”. I know that I would kill to protect my children but, I would never recover from the realization of what I had done. Does part of the answer lie in that, in compassion, or in its absence or supression? Whatever that is.

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