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After Trump’s surprising win, there have been calls for America to unite behind their new president. For the sake of the country, they say, he should now be given the respect, support, and cooperation demanded by the highest office in the land.

I don’t believe it’s time for nice words and gestures. This is not the time to appear gracious in the face of loss, for this is so much more than a lost election. It is not the time for appeasement, for history shows us that appeasement is too easily interpreted as affirmation.

Yes, bridges must be built and divisions healed, but first the hate-filled rhetoric and actions that fuelled the Trump campaign must be challenged. The ignorance, immoral behaviour, irresponsible promises and threats cannot magically disappear the day after an election. Trump must be pressured now, and in the months to come, to ensure they have no place in his agenda as president. Support and respect for an office cannot be given blindly. It must be earned.

America needs prophets who aren’t afraid to observe, judge, speak out and act.

a time for prophets

Now, more then ever, prophets are needed to stand by and hold the new leader(s) to task. Like biblical prophets of old, women and men are being called to make life hell for leaders who ignore the down-trodden while languishing in comfort and plenty. Prophets are needed to preach mercy above judgment, compassion over tyranny, and economic fairness before unbridled wealth.

Advent is around the corner. The liturgical readings of Advent are my favourite. I relish the images of a New Jerusalem and over-flowing banquet tables with seats for all. I yearn for a world of peace where lion and lamb lie down together. I hope for visions to become a reality; visions of a land where God’s justice reigns all.

Prophets weren’t known for social graces or niceties. They were God’s instruments, speaking truth to power. They were spat upon and persecuted. They were often denied natural talents that would make the job easier. Instead, they depended on God’s spirit working through them,  giving them words and courage they did not know they had.

I have many American friends who are fire-brands in their own circles, not afraid to speak out in the face of injustice. I hope and pray that they, and many others like them, will have the strength, energy, faith and courage to take up the mantle of prophet in the days and months to come.




4 thoughts on “calling all prophets

  1. Thank you for writing this, Isabella.
    I think that those who are calling for unity are attempting to normalize Trump — something that I believe is extremely dangerous. Back when Wallace ran for president, everyone recognized his racism. Why more will not recognize Trump’s racism is beyond me.

    1. The “normalizing” of Trump…..exactly, Alexandra! An election win does not automatically wash away a candidates sins. It does not require the electorate to “forgive and forget”. Basic Catholic doctrine says that reconciliation needs repentance, conversion, and penance (actions to try and “make up” for wrongs done).

  2. The word “prophetic” kept intruding into my listening to President Obama’s press conference yesterday. There were so many warnings, so many suggestions delivered in controlled subtlety that I wish I had recorded it. It seems to have gone blithely over the heads of the observers, the press. To me he clearly said overarchingly: be wary, watch and listen.
    (Angela Merkel seems to have been the only world leader to truly approximate “prophesy”: we will work with you as long as….. She laid out the list.)
    What he did not do was condemn the, mainly young people, protests. He did what he had to do.
    The “media”? The limited lions of honesty and transparency who doggedly pursued the clerical sexual abusers and the systematic/systemic “management” are needed again. Not likely the same persons, not surely, the appropriately indignant CNN, but a coterie of professional truth seekers and fact setters who will reveal, challenge, ensure the unearthing, the venomous racism, homophobia, sexism and revenge retribution that will go on behind the veneer of doublespeak.
    For what it is worth, the Trumpets see the “enemy” as the Republican establishment and the Democrats. What they might be becoming a bit more conscious of is that the very dissatisfaction with the political establishment that gave him the office is still there and is watching WITHOUT patience.
    More significantly, younger people, across and without political stripes but with the progressive values of inclusion, equality, are also there in the populous cities with their networks of “finding out” and “sharing”, organizing and unafraid to act.
    We are entering a dangerous time. No, let’s hope that it is but a “fragile” time and that danger will be avoided.
    It is so sad that our “catholic”/Christian” environment, like the silly “virgins” seem to have let their lamps run dry, can shed no light, be neither leader nor follower. They seem to have too much in common with the very tide that brought the pollution on the shores.

  3. We surely need journalists of integrity, Dennis. Now more than ever. The “Spotlight” team in Boston, who doggedly uncovered the clerical abuse scandal is a model for authentic, dig deep kind of journalism required. I’m so tired of the 24/7, skimming the top and jumping on the latest sensationalist band-wagon head-lines of the presidential election. Enough with the tabloid journalism!

    I do hope and pray that courageous prophets will rise from both the grass root and within the establishment. It is glaring that the emperor not only has no clothes, he has no clue about the office he is about to take over. Trump needs to be challenged and held accountable.

    I’m sad at the silence of Catholic leaders and angered at those who urged Catholics to give Trump their (questionable) pro-life vote. They have just proved, yet again, their irrelevance in today’s world.

    Sometimes you have to reach rock bottom in order for a genuine renewal.

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