I believe in…


I was told what to believe as a child.

I memorized the Creed without understanding it.

I was persuaded to believe with the black and white, often circular reasoning of apologetics.

I was threatened with the fires of hell if I did not believe.

And yet, I questioned. As I get older, I question more. Iron clad doctrines no longer satisfy me. “Because the Church says so” is no longer enough. In fact, as I get older, these words tend to stoke the rebel fires in my soul.

I am old enough to no longer suffer fools gladly. I’m fed up with fools in the church who destroy the spiritual life of many by focusing on judgmental rules rather than our personal relationship with God.

I’m also fed up with the fools who rule our world. They destroy peace in our lands, and peace in our minds and hearts.

I no longer want to write about the politics of church and world. This does not mean that I won’t continue to read the news. It is important to be informed, to speak out and resist in the face of injustice. But, I need to take a break from writing opinion pieces and commentary.

I need to take a break from the anger.

I need to take a Sabbatical, a personal retreat to search for the roots of my belief. Time to question freely. To share honestly and listen carefully to others. So…..

I am starting a new project with this blog. I am going to use catholic dialogue as a platform to ponder and reflect on WHAT I BELIEVE IN. I also want to find out WHAT DO YOU BELIEVE IN? 

The two words in the blog title will retain their original meaning.

This blog is catholic with a small “c”, embracing the universality and original inclusivity of catholicism. (Here come’s everyone!)

I want to explore what I personally believe in, but faith isn’t meant to be a “me only” journey. Community is vital to Christian faith. So, I hope that old friends and new will join me in this journey. I want, I need, this journey to be a dialogue. What do YOU believe in? Where do our paths cross, and where do they diverge? When do different ways of believing challenge us to expand our own faith, and when are they insurmountable?

I do hope you will join me. In the the original spirit and goal of catholic dialogue

All are welcome to sit at the table of this blog and partake of the conversation, as long as your intentions are to promote a healthy dialogue and not hurtful debate.


18 thoughts on “I believe in…

  1. Isabella,
    I came to a similar point about six weeks ago. I was completely feed up with the divisive political climate and my compulsion to respond to every Facebook post in either a strongly positive or often negative fashion. It was eating me up. My views have not changed, but I no longer feel the need to respond. That has been freeing.
    When it comes to faith, my experience has been much like yours I believe. For the first time, after Vatican 11, I came to see the Church as the body of Christ living in the new freedom of the community of my parish, due large part to a great pasture who did not want a monopoly on leadership. It was a wonderful period. When both he, his staff, and I moved locations, things changed.

    I will continue this in a subsequent post that will addresses the transition.

    I look forward to being part of this dialog.

  2. Sorry for the typos and misspelling. I was not able edit after I posted. I hope to do better nice time.

    1. No worries, Jerry! Thanks so much for your quick reply and readiness to be part of the dialogue. I’m hoping it will be a much needed refocus for many of us who are fed up with the divisiveness and anger in both the church and the world. Talk to you soon!


  3. You have known for a long while where I stand, Isabella…so this is a welcomed invitation. A platform to speak of a true spirituality…from the depths of the soul and the freedom of heart. At times, the intellect squeales both.

  4. Hello Isabella. I have been a quiet reader of your blog more recently. I am energized by your decision to explore faith and spirituality and life! I so very much look forward to the dialogue and being engaged in this path. As I grow older my spirituality changes, grows, increases. My perspective on 60 years of living helps shape it. I see older priests who, in their wisdom and experience, have much broader, more open ideas about much of this. Peace.

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