I believe in… Jesus


I am a Christian. It’s logical, therefore, that I believe in Jesus. Jesus is the ultimate intimacy of God in human form. God became one of us! The Incarnation. Taking on flesh. OUR human flesh. How awesome is that?

Incarnational spirituality, focusing on the mystery of the Incarnation, has always resonated with me. It calls us to “incarnate” our beliefs into our daily life. Put “flesh” on our words.

God became one of us to show us how to live. We, in turn, are called to become like God to others. We become God’s head, heart, hands and feet here on earth. We bring the love of God to others by how we live.

How are we called to live? Jesus shows us how, and the Gospels hold the key. The Gospel Jesus;

• Loves his enemies
• Hangs out and parties with the riffraff of society
• Feeds the hungry
• Heals the sick
• Forgives sinners
• Has no time for judgmental, self-righteous types
• Prays
• Prays some more
• Gives his life for others

Theology (Christology to be more precise) can often complicate this basic belief. In the early centuries of the church, much energy and reams of parchment were used up to clarify and codify each minute detail on the doctrine of the humanity and divinity of Jesus. The mental gymnastics continue today as doctrinal offices continue to correct us, and guide us in right and proper belief.

And yet, theological treatises seldom move hearts. Faith must be of the heart and not just the mind. At the heart of Christian faith is a person. The person of Jesus. Want to find out more about who Jesus is and what makes him tick? Want to love God and love neighbour as Jesus did?

Read the gospels.

Pray and ponder the gospels.

Live the gospels.

This is what I believe. What do you believe?

One thought on “I believe in… Jesus

  1. What do I believe?
    Amen with you on Incarnation. Incarnation is more than God enfleshed. Incarnation is conception, birth, living, loving, learning, laughing, suffering, dying, rising, being/staying human.
    I believe now what I was taught in second grade: our creation is in the image and likeness of God. More. Because of Jesus I, we are now beyond image, we are somehow graced within the very “genetics” of the relationship of the Persons in Trinity. I do not understand; do not deserve. I accept. Jesus is the Medium….
    I believe that in Incarnation Jesus affirms that the fullness, the best of being human is, as Irenaeus described, “The glory of God”. How could it be otherwise? “God so loved the world…. that he gave His only begotten….”. “Being human” did not begin with Jesus. It began with the first reflection on what was an act of kindness, empathy, compassion, and the acknowledgment that “it was good”. It evolved as described and taught by Socrates, Plato, Aristotle, Buddha…Jesus, the teacher, is in that line of great thinker/teachers. Creator gave us love in our very composition. In elevating that love to divine Jesus also teaches and leads us further, asking more. The quest of being human is to live love in its fullness – within and among. Jesus is the message.
    Marshall McLuhan was obsessed with Incarnation: THE medium that was the message. No McLuhan but I am as well.

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