a new writing project

Dear friends,

After a long dry spell, I’m slowly getting my writing groove back. It feels good to restart (yet again!) catholic dialogue. I look forward to continued musings and conversations on “things catholic” in the coming weeks and months.

I’ve also started a new writing project. It’s a new blog called


Love, Grammy    is a collection of short letters about parenting and family life. This is how I tried to describe it on the blog site,

Who are the letters for?

Some letters will be addressed to the generation of parents who journeyed the path before me.

Some letters will be addressed to my own cohort of baby boomer parents.

Some letters will be addressed to our adult children and all the young parents who are blazing new trails today.

Finally, some letters will be addressed to the wee ones who made us grand-parents.


This blog is not an advice column. But, some advice may sneak in.

This blog is not a saccharine fairy tale of family life. But, some sappy, syrupy, lovey-dovey moments might drip in every now and then.

This blog is not a complaints box about the hardships of raising a family, but some ranting may take place. (Grammy doesn’t suffer fools gladly!)

Hubby and I are loving our “Grammy and Papa” life. We have the luxury of experiencing parenting “in the rear view mirror”, and the honour of being part of our children’s parenting journey in the here and now.

I hope you will hop over to www.lovegrammy.com and check it out. If you like it, please do subscribe and share the link with your friends. And, tell me what you think!