the young take the lead

In the aftermath of the brutal massacre at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida, the world witnessed a shining light of hope. The light was sparked by the young student survivors. Think about this for a moment.


These young people hid from the shooter and his guns. They huddled together in class rooms while deafening shots rang out in the hallway. They fled in fear, not knowing if they would be next. Reaching safety, reality quickly washed away relief.

Fourteen students and three staff members dead. Fourteen or more injured.

If you haven’t already, please watch this video. Please watch it in its entirety. The young woman’s name is Emma Gonzalez. She is a student survivor of the February 14th mass shooting. She is speaking at an anti-gun rally a mere three days after the tragedy. Her words deserve to be heard.

May the spark of light lit by these brave young souls spread into a blazing call for change. Never again!

2 thoughts on “the young take the lead

  1. The young people did it again. Regardless of what one thinks of CNN, the “town hall” of survivors showed the “gun” people for what they are. Nothing reveals hypocrisy like adults thinking that they can bamboozle young people.

    1. Exactly! The town hall was amazing. For us older folk, there’s a real sense of the times “a-changing”. The support is building. The voices are getting clearer and louder. I hope and pray that the momentum continues.


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