old year…still here

A year has gone by. A year without blogging. A year of self-imposed guilt. A year of wondering whether to continue or not.

It’s been a busy year. The three new grand-babies have all turned one. Two more grand-kiddies have started their school adventures. Routines and schedules define days, weeks and months. Hubby and I help as much as we can, while looking on in amazement. How do parents do it all? How did we do it?

A new writing adventure came my way. I wrote a screenplay this year. Five drafts to date. It’s been a steep learning curve for me, but a surprisingly enjoyable one. Writing fiction lets you “play God” with plots and characters. (I’m a little worried about how much I’m enjoying this power!) I treasure the fleeting moments when I’m “in the zone”. Time stands still and the perfect dialogue and action flow effortlessly. As with all writing, the moments are rare. More common are the hours/days spent staring at a blank screen, convinced that you’ll never write another word again. I can’t say much more about the project at the moment, but stay tuned! 🙂

And what about this blog? The news of the day continues to infuriate and depress me. Church news is no better. I shake my head at the utter stupidity, lack of courage and downright immorality of many of our leaders in both the church and the world. I have ranted and raged on this blog and it’s exhausted me. I needed a break. It doesn’t mean the anger has subsided or will never pour out on these pages again. But, I’m making no resolutions, except to write.

So, the blog will continue. It has a new, simple design, which I like very much.

New and simple.

12 thoughts on “old year…still here

  1. I love hearing about your new passion. I also love to write…thought of a short book regarding marriage and death…meditations etc.

    Like your hair! I am trying the natural approach to aging gracefully. And, do not give
    yourself over to the pain of the world and church. Keep your heart pure of stress and frustration!!!!!
    Miss ya’ girl…❤️

    1. You SHOULD be writing a book Chris! You have a great writing voice and much wisdom to share. I’ll be writing soon about guest posts on this blog. Maybe you can test the waters here? Hint! Hint! 🙂 BTW, your nudge about distancing from stress and frustration is spot on. Thank you!

  2. Great to read you again.Looking forward to your continued opinion that I agree with most of the time.

  3. There she is! Current Events have me questioning humanity, then I remember that most people I know are actually decent people! Like you. Looking forward to reading more from you ❤

  4. It is good to find you back Isabella. It is discouraging to continually face negatives regularly emanating from an institution that asserts that it represents something so humanly necessary as sacred community and an incarnate Christ. The Church is like Dicken’s Scrooge: hording its “riches”, disguising its self-interest as patronizing disdain for its community and the world. “Visitations” like your blog, however ghostly are part of the conversion. Visit when you feel the “spirit” just don’t go away.

  5. So good to hear your prophetic voice again Isabella. Its a voice that puts into words often what my own heart and mind struggles to make sense of in both the human and ecclesial worlds.
    I understand the need to step away at times and wish I were better at actually allowing myself to do more of that, but oh you well know the pull of guilt that courses through our Catholic veins so while I miss you in so many ways , ” I get it” and honor and admire your choice to do that.
    A screenplay…oh my goodness, can’t wait to see that come to life.
    Like Chris love your hair. Hello to your great man. Joanne

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