patience in the unknowing

The wind blows wherever it pleases;

you hear its sound,

but you cannot tell where it comes from

or where it is going.

John 3:8

Prairie folk know the power of wind. We follow wind forecasts closely with spring floods, summer droughts, and winter storms. Frigid temperatures can drop 10’C or more with wind-chills. Lakes and rivers rise and fall in hours.

Yes, winds blow wherever they please. We try to predict them, but can’t control them.

Most of us are hunkered down in our homes while the uncontrollable blows around us. It was announced today that the state of emergency in our province has been extended another 30 days. This doesn’t come as a surprise. Our local government and health authorities have been working hard to control the uncontrollable and the restrictions are working. We must all do our part. And, we will.

But the winds are howling outside. And, some days, gentle breezes of inner peace are hard to find. Blissful leisure morphs into boredom morphs into anxious thoughts morphs into panic. Staying inside is comforting one minute, and stifling the next.

And the winds keep howling.

We inherited some patio furniture with our house. Hubby just brought the first chair out. It’s a wee reminder of deck time – our favourite time of the year. We’re yearning to gather with family and friends around the BBQ with cool drinks in hand.

The chairs are amazing for another reason. The mightiest winds have never toppled them. The loosely woven wicker allows the wind to blow through and around. Meanwhile, heavier and more solid items get knocked over or roll around the yard.

I know there’s a lesson to be learned. Something about letting go and letting God? Being more mindful to the moment? Learning to breath through the storms? Bend with the winds? Face the unknowing with patience and faith?

But it’s hard.

4 thoughts on “patience in the unknowing

  1. Hi Isabella, this echos our conversation on our OLRT call yesterday. We missed you. Love your view.

  2. Thanks Isabella, as I was reading your article so beautifully written, I thought how true.
    Patience in these strange times.
    Makes us grateful for what we enjoyed with our families and friends, but also it makes us grateful for what we have. Time to think, achieving other gifts that we might have, and never had time to try.!
    For our loved ones are safe and can see them on face to face times.
    Knowing that in 30 days the cuddles and hugs are waiting for us with our loved ones especially the grandchildren. Just like Christmas they will be overjoyed. 🥰

    1. Thank you for your beautiful words, Julie! Gratitude. Yes. Gratitude for all that is right and good amid the uncertainties. Gratitude for all the small pleasures in the day. Gratitude for friends across the many miles. 😊

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