life’s transitions

Ray Roussin
Bishop Raymond Roussin, SM in Gravelbourg, SK

The optimist views life’s transitions as opportunities for character building, the metaphorical fires that purify gold. Sometimes, the transitions are overwhelming. We yearn for the boring days of “same old, same old”.

Life events have forced me to face inevitable transitions for over a year now. Some are glorious. Our family rejoiced as we welcomed two more beautiful grand-babies last summer.

We are also grieving the end of a child’s marriage and the pain and uncertainty that it brings when young children are involved.

We mourned the loss of David’s father, and journeyed with his mother and family through the difficulties of the first year without him.

After selling our practice to a wonderful young dentist, we have been mulling the big retirement question. What next?

Last month, we lost a dear mentor, and spiritual guide. Archbishop Raymond Roussin, SM has been a treasured friend for almost 40 years. His death marks the end of an era for many of us. I struggled to write a fitting tribute to him for the Prairie Messenger.

Sometimes we can control transitions, choosing when, where and how we choose new paths in life. Other times, especially with unexpected losses, all we can do is hope that the journey will eventually bring us to new truths and deeper wisdom.