and now for something completely different…the skit guys!

I’m nominating Tommy Woodard and Eddie James for beatification! Okay, they’re still alive so it’s a tad premature. But The Skit Guys are doing more for evangelization than many a dour or sober preacher on a Sunday morning. Or the door to door missionaries that show up at our house. In the case of the former, I usually zone out and wait for the agony to be over. In the case of the latter, I hide behind closed curtains to avoid their offer to save my doomed soul.

But when I watch a Skit Guys video, I’m happy to put my work aside and give them my time and attention. Okay, I give them more time than I should. I challenge you to watch only one video!

Here is the bio from their web-site,

They have been best friends since high school. Think of them as the wise guys in class who had everyone laughing and managed to make a career out of it. They’ve been teaching God’s word using comedy, drama and whatever category talking action figures fit into for over twenty years.

I’m a big fan of comedy and laughter, especially with things religious. James Martin, SJ explored this so well in his book, Between Heaven and Mirth. I also believe that you catch more flies with honey. It’s so much kinder and gentler than offering fear of damnation or a sponge full of vinegar on a stick. Misery seldom draws a soul to God.

So, take a mirth moment and check out their videos. But be prepared to be pleasantly inspired. Here are some for your Lenten reflections…

The Skinny on Prayer

The Skinny on Fasting

The Skinny on Tithing

more on humor and religion

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Watching Religion and Ethics Newsweekly on PBS has become a Sunday morning tradition for hubby and me. It offers an intelligent, balanced, and always respectful synopsis and commentary on recent religious head-lines around the world. Yesterday’s episode was a real treat, as several segments focused on the role of happiness and humor in our lives.

Happiness and a High Standard of Living explores the profusion of studies and books on the happiness factor. It comes as no surprise that money and success do not buy happiness.

Father Jim Martin, SJ, author of Between Heaven and Mirth, is interviewed in Spirituality and Humor. The man exudes joyfulness and playfulness, as he argues for the need for both in our religious institutions and in our spiritual lives. An added bonus is Jokes from Father Jim. He also happens to be the official chaplain of the Colbert Nation!

Give yourself a treat and watch these videos. And may your week be blessed with many moments of happiness and humor!