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As D-Day approaches for the compulsory implementation of the New Roman Missal, some of us are in need of a chuckle. Thank you to the good folks at the National Catholic Reporter for publishing a great little piece of fiction called Mapping a liturgical sentence ! It`s laugh out loud hilarious!

I only hope I don`t giggle when when these lines are read on Sunday! 😉

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more on humor and religion

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Watching Religion and Ethics Newsweekly on PBS has become a Sunday morning tradition for hubby and me. It offers an intelligent, balanced, and always respectful synopsis and commentary on recent religious head-lines around the world. Yesterday’s episode was a real treat, as several segments focused on the role of happiness and humor in our lives.

Happiness and a High Standard of Living explores the profusion of studies and books on the happiness factor. It comes as no surprise that money and success do not buy happiness.

Father Jim Martin, SJ, author of Between Heaven and Mirth, is interviewed in Spirituality and Humor. The man exudes joyfulness and playfulness, as he argues for the need for both in our religious institutions and in our spiritual lives. An added bonus is Jokes from Father Jim. He also happens to be the official chaplain of the Colbert Nation!

Give yourself a treat and watch these videos. And may your week be blessed with many moments of happiness and humor!

between heaven and mirth

I love when the right book falls in my lap at the right time. Thanks to technology, it can fall in my lap quicker than ever before. And so it was with Between Heaven and Mirth: Why Joy, Humor and Laughter are at the heart of the Spiritual Life by James Martin, SJ. No sooner had I read the book review in the Prairie Messenger, I knew I had to get a copy. A quick search on Amazon, a click of a button, and I had it uploaded to my iPad.

Anyone who promotes the use of joy and cheer in our often joyless and cheerless religions has my vote. Martin shows the presence of joy and humor throughout the bible. Accustomed as we are to seeking deep and heavy scriptural meanings, it`s wonderful to see well-known stories through a new light. A light that shines on the silly, the absurd, and down-right comic. I always believed that God has a sense of humor. Martin also believes that God wants us to share in the joke.

He challenges those who work within our religious institutions to lighten up. I agree wholeheartedly. Nothing is a bigger turn off for me than the overly pious soul who does their work as if the weight of the church rests on their shoulders. Doom and gloom ministers, whether pastors or parish workers, are a turn-off. Who wants to join their depressing brigade? Give me a community of souls with a sense of humor. Give me a meeting where laughter lightens the load of the tasks before us, where no one takes oneself too seriously. Give me family and friends with whom I can share a good meal, a bottle (or two) of wine, and joyous conversation. Now that, my friends, is a touch of heaven!

(Amazon has a short video clip of Fr.Martin speaking about his book.)

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