can we say wacko?

Yesterday`s blog-post was meant to be a wee bit of a chuckle about the upcoming May 21, 2011 Judgment Day proclaimed by Harold Camping from Family Radio Worldwide. I purposely didn`t use the word wacko in my post.  I was thinking it. But I didn`t say or write it. Oops…

Anti-religious propaganda and hatred seem to be increasing. It probably always existed. What didn`t always exist (and still doesn`t in many parts of the world) is freedom of speech and easy accessibility to world-wide media. Great minds and small now have equal opportunity to make their voices and their opinions heard. Some days the wacko extremely unique voices are drowning out the rational ones.

As Catholics, we`ve experienced a fair share of derogatory labels and persecution over the years. Recent events have prompted a colourful litany of adjectives on discussion boards to describe the Catholic Church in the midst of scandal and leadership crises. And, we`ve dished it out in heaping mounds ourselves.

It`s hard to resist some down-home name-calling of doomsday cults like Mr. Camping`s. After all, for all its uniqueness, it is the core of another person`s belief. So, I`ll try to take the high road and keep the respectability of this blog intact. But, can I bring out the W- word on May 22nd?

may 21 – the end of the world!

According to Family Radio Worldwide, Judgement Day is coming on May 21, 2011. It will be ushered in with the Rapture, followed by the complete destruction of the Earth and the Universe on October 21, 2011.

I was extremely annoyed when I heard this news. My husband and I were driving to the lake on Friday, listening to the CBC radio show, The Current. This is SO going to ruin our Victoria Day Weekend!!!! Besides an opportunity to toast the grand Queen`s birthday, we Canadians LOVE our May long weekend. After a long and brutal winter we pull out the barbecues, or head to the cottages and camp-grounds. It is the unofficial start to summer, and you don`t mess with it.

Knowing the date of the last judgment is useful information to have. I should be grateful to Harold Camping and his California ministry for giving us the heads-up. The folks from Family Radio are kindly putting up billboards all across Canada and the USA. But, couldn`t they have chosen a better date? How about in February, when we`re all depressed and fed up of blizzards and the fricking cold weather. We might better appreciate a good rapture then.

We`ll be in Ottawa on May 21st, visiting dear friends and taking in the annual tulip festival. And, I would hazard a guess that the only Camping that most Canucks will have on their minds will involve tents, RVs and hot-dog roasts.