and now for something completely different…

This morning’s headlines were more depressing than usual. To the south of us it appears inevitable that evil, lies and corruption will trounce truth and justice in what is swiftly becoming a farce of a senate impeachment trial. Climate crises abound. Terrifying viruses threaten to spread across the miles.

And Terry Jones, one of the founding members of Monty Python, died.

Being a life-long fan (obsessively so), my heart sank at the news of Jones’ death. But, the mourning was brief. Sadness was quickly washed aside with memories of unforgettable scenes and one-liners from the Python treasure trove.

  • The Spanish Inquisition? No one expected it.
  • Philosophers? All drunkards according to the Bruce’s Club.
  • Canadian Lumberjacks? They’re OK.
  • Dead parrot? It is no more. It has ceased to be. It’s pushing up daisies.
  • Feeling like all is lost? Look on the brighter side of life!

Some comedy, like the Pythons, begs to be watched over and over. With each viewing a new gem is discovered. It is tucked away into the brain for a rainy day. It morphs into a secret language between fans “in the know”.

Laughter is energizing. Watching a good comedy isn’t merely an escape from daily stresses and worries. It’s good medicine. A much needed cleanse of mind and soul. A reprieve from all the darkness that lurks in our world. The sound of laughter, itself, can bring a smile. Our youngest is known for laughing out loud while watching her favourite movies and TV shows. The sound would echo throughout the house, making us all giggle.

Recently, hubby and I bought a copy of the Little Rascals for our grand-sons; the 1990’s version watched endlessly by our kiddies. The lads chortled and cackled at the slap-stick silliness. The humour had stood the test of time.

So many streaming options today offer a treasure trove of comedy both new and old. We’ve spent many an hour going down the YouTube rabbit hole re-watching favourite stand-up routines and sketches and discovering new (to us) comics. Two of our faves at the moment are Michael McIntyre and Sarah Millican. Both British. Both hilariously talented at observational comedy.

We watch Stephen Colbert, John Oliver and Seth Meyers and others for a daily dose of satire in the midst of the insane American political landscape. Their intelligent, well researched takes on the news remind us that what is happening is not normal. And, sometimes the best weapon against a delusional narcissist is to mock them and deflate their fragile ego.

Rest In Peace, Terry Jones. You will be missed, but thoughts of you bring smiles and warm memories. I hope there’s a special place in heaven for you and all who gift the world with joy and laughter.