Is dialogue impossible? I hope not!

My bags are packed and I’m flying out to Lima tomorrow. Here’s one last post before I go. It’s actually a two for one special.

The National Catholic Reporter recently suspended their discussion boards due to increased negativity and lack of civil discourse among some respondents. NCR was known for its active comment boards. “NCR Today”, their online blog, received the 2013 Catholic Press Award for its far-reaching discussions. Many of us are missing these discussions, even if they did get nasty at times. Here’s a piece that I wrote for NCR Today on this issue.

In the article, I’ve included a link to a Prairie Messenger column I wrote before Christmas addressing the issue of modern day Pharisees in the Church. (Spoiler alert; Pope Francis is on our side!)

And now I’m off. See you all in two weeks!

In much gratitude for the many good women and men who add to the dialogue with insight, inspiration, and respect.


downton abbey and the church


Here is my latest column for the Prairie Messenger…

The days of maintaining pomp and grandeur at all costs are over. The days of patriarchal superiority are over. The days of claiming exclusivity over wisdom and decision-making based on titles and privilege are over. The days of oppressive hierarchical structures built on the backs of subservient and obedient people are over. The days of women working only behind the scenes with no access to proper leadership positions are over.

Days of Upstairs Downstairs in the Church are over

I had great fun writing this piece It also helped me rationalize the too many hours spent watching TV over the Christmas holidays. I was doing research! 😉

same sex marriage and the vatican questionnaire


While there is a wonderful movement of fresh air beginning to make it’s way into our Church, writing about certain “hot button” issues can land you in hot water. Same sex marriage is one of those issues. And yet, perhaps there is an attitude change in the air…

The Bishops have in their hands a preparatory questionnaire for the upcoming Synod on Pastoral Challenges to the Family in the Context of Evangelization. The questionnaire is meant to be distributed as widely as possible. The section on Unions of Persons of the Same Sex has a surprisingly pastoral tone. It’s the topic of my latest Prairie Messenger column. Read more…