prayer as dance of joy!

A cloud has hung over our lives for over a month. A friend was given the news that no cancer survivor wants to hear; the cancer has metastasized and it doesn’t look good. Parents of four wonderful young men, he and his wife were looking forward to their first family wedding this summer. Planning the wedding was now the furthest thing from the young couples’ minds as they feared for their father and father-in-law.

Another medical consult opened a wee window of hope. A second doctor told them not to panic until a biopsy was done. How do you not panic in the agonizing weeks of waiting? How do you go on with your life while waiting for an appointment, then for results?

Well, the waiting was over today. The results were in and it’s NOT cancer! Clouds have lifted, and the glories of life have lightened all hearts. A man and wife will rejoice in the gift of years, and their children will rejoice with them. The wedding will be celebrated with the full joy intended when two hearts in love pledge their troth to each other. There will be no worries of bittersweet moments. Who wants them? Bitter too easily overwhelms the sweet.

Friends have been literally praying around the globe. It was an absolute joy to send out the good news across cyber-space, and prayers of gratitude across eternity to the communion of saints who join us in our prayers.

And, always, thanksgiving and praise to our loving God who has once more looked kindly on us all.