liturgical finery – how much is too much?

Hello friends! As I thought, the summer days are flying by and blog posts are not being written. But, I found this piece on the NCR site and thought is was too good not to share. The YouTube video features Cardinal Raymond L. Burke speaking passionately about the beauty and sense of transcendence found in the Tridentine mass and its accompanying liturgical garb.

I am a big believer that our Catholic Church is large enough to accommodate a host of liturgical traditions. Diversity is a gift that offers options. We are enriched and nourished in different ways. So, choice is good.

But if I have a choice, this is not one I would make. I’ve always been a believer in elegant simplicity. Less is more. Over the top, excessive finery just looks tacky. It is a pathetic shout to the world that seems to scream, ‘look what I can afford!’

In my opinion, these lads in their heavy lace and gold-laden frocks do not look God-y….just gawdy!

Check it out….The Call of Beauty