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Do you remember the days of nihil obstats and imprimaturs? I do, and I’m not that old! We had lists of banned books. Spiritual readings and theology books had to have official approval stating that they were free of error. Bibles had to be official Catholic versions. Understandably, women’s voices were scarce except for the writings of bye-gone saints.

Today the world is an open field for writers of things spiritual. Women have the opportunity to be heard as never before, and they are being heard. I’m blessed and humbled with the company I keep in the blog world and the two publications I write for; the Prairie Messenger and the National Catholic Reporter. Their words inspire and challenge me. Their wisdom negates the age-old arguments for keeping women out of church leadership and pulpits. I wrote about this recently in a Prairie Messenger column titled

Spiritual wisdom of women is impossible to ignore

Of course, writing isn’t the only way women’s wisdom is shared. But, whenever I read yet another intelligently theological, spiritually inspiring or prayerfully pondering article written by a Catholic woman, I crave for the day when women’s voices may echo down curial halls and proclaim God’s Word from ambos around the world….read more